About Ross – the Review Guy

I’m Ross – a kid of the 90s (hence the name). I am currently a sophomore at college, majoring in computer sciences. Trust me; I know how hard it is to write all assignments. I’m not such a bad writer, but I find proper time management challenging. Somehow I always find myself scrolling through Reddit in the middle of the research process.

I started using writing services a year ago, and I realized there were hideous scammers in this industry. That’s when it hit me: hey, why don’t I make a website and write paper writing services reviews? It can be my secret IT project, where I’ll practice my skills of web design and content writing.

Soon, few of my friends decided to take part with their own recommendations and warnings. When they order papers from a new service, they let me examine the results and tell me about the entire process from order to delivery. And I never forget to share the experience with you.