Choosing the writer for your papers sounds interesting, but it is actually a very time-consuming process. Still, if you would like to choose one writer out of a list of bidders, is one of the companies that offer exactly this. When we looked into the company’s reputation online, we found varied bid4papers com reviews from customers. So, is this company a good or bad choice for your papers? Review

Services Provided

As is the case with every other bidding service, there is no definite list of services offered on the official website of bid4papers. For the purpose of this bid4papers com review, we decided to get in touch with the customer service and check if they can provide the list of papers offered.

As it turns out, you can order every paper you need from this company, as long as you choose the option ‘other’. If your paper is not on the list of choices in the ordering form, you can provide the specific requirements and simply wait for bids. Still, no one guarantees you will have bids or that qualified writers will bid on your paper, which means that basically, this company guarantees no services whatsoever.

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Prices and Discounts

There is also no price list or calculator on the website. As the company has no fixed services list, they also do not have fixed prices for papers. Interestingly, they still decided to create a page for Prices, but this page only provides an example as to what prices can be found at

As it turns out, this page is not only unnecessary but also unrealistic. When we decided to place an order, we got a variety of bids that ranged from incredibly low to ridiculously high. Fortunately, this meant that there are many bidders who will want to work on your paper, but it also makes the choosing process very time-consuming.

For the purpose of this review, we also asked the customer service about any discounts. There are never discounts with such companies, so there were no discounts offered here, too. The idea of choosing the rate and writer is at the same time an advantage and disadvantage for exactly this reason.

Quality of Ordered Essays reviews were mostly negative, which is why we decided to place our own order with the company. Fortunately, you get to communicate with the writers directly before you make the choice, but choosing our writer was a process that lasted for hours. First, we had to wait for bids, which did not take too long. However, we then had to look into 26 writers and talk to them, which turned out to be very frustrating.

Even so, we still decided to give the company a shot and took the choosing process very seriously. Despite the fact that we chose one of the more expensive bids for a writer that was overqualified for the order, we got a low-quality paper. This only proved that the information about the writers is not really accurate.

Customer Service

As we previously mentioned, we contacted the customer service on several occasions. You will be surprised to learn that, in order to get in touch with this company’s agents, you need to fill in a contacting form and wait for around 10 minutes to get a response. For a writing service that offers round-the-clock assistance, this is a huge disadvantage.


Overall, we consider a bad choice for your academic assignments. This company delivers papers on time, but they have bad guarantees for quality and no set pricing. The ordering process is very time-consuming, and the company holds a bad reputation on the writing market.

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