When you first enter the website, you will probably find it to be a bit exaggerated and clustered. After all, the company does not even provide their prices for academic papers! Writing this review took a lot of time because of this, but a thorough evaluation of their services, prices, customer service, and paper quality provided us with all the information we need. Review

Services Provided

The same case with the lack of prices also exists in terms of services. This undoubtedly proves that the website of myessaywriter needs some immediate changing since the most relevant information is non-existent.

After we discussed this issue with the customer service agent, we learned that the list of services here is not lengthy at all. As a matter of fact, it is included in the name of the service, meaning that this company only writes, edits and re-writes essays.

This makes for a poor choice of a regular content provider since most students need a company they can entrust with a variety of papers. While essays remain the most commonly assigned tasks in the world of academia, the lack of any other papers is the biggest disadvantage you will find in our myessaywriter net review.

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Prices and Discounts

As we said, there is no indication about the prices this company offers. Don’t even bother looking for a pricelist on their website – there is none. The company decided not to state their prices clearly for everyone to see but makes its customers request a quote before they can see if the price fits their budget or not.

This means that you do not have access to the discounts offered, either. When you ask for a quote, you will get a definite price, but no information if this price has an added discount or not. At the end, it does not really matter, since the company sets the prices based on the topic, academic level, deadline, and apparently, their opinion of the complexity and time needed to write it.

We tried out the service to see if their prices are good and can confirm that the prices are affordable. Still, we would rate’s prices as neither high nor low. Without any discounts or loyalty programs, these prices would not be the first choice of a student looking for a regular provider.

Quality of Ordered Essays

The first step of checking the quality offered here was to look into the blog. Even though the website contains no information about the services, prices, or discounts, they do have an updated blog that contains dozens of well-written text.

However, this was not the case with our paper. As myessaywriter net reviews online suggested, the company delivers all kinds of essays but hasn’t hired the excellent writers they mention on the website. As a matter of fact, our experience proved exactly what reviews said – that the service delivers poorly written content that is obviously a result of them hiring non-native English writers.

Customer Service

As we said, we spoke to the customer service agents to discuss the prices and services offered. Finding the agent was easy since the live chat option works round the clock. Still, we got the impression that we were talking to a bot instead of a real agent since the answers to our questions came automatically and were very general and vague.

Nevertheless, we got our answers, even though they weren’t as good as we wanted them to be.


This is probably one of the writing services with the worst websites on the writing market, mostly because of the serious lack of information on their website. If you do not look online for reviews or spend hours searching the website, you wouldn’t be able to learn anything about their services or conditions. The worst part is, the company offers no clear price list, which means that students have to spend hours waiting for a quote.

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