With prices starting at $7.99 per page, you may think ‘this is the service I’ve been looking for all along’. But wait – writing companies mastered the tricks of convincing students to choose their services. Rushing into the decision can easily place you next to all those who got low-quality papers or no papers, solely because they didn’t evaluate the company. To help you out, we have crafted a real, unbiased review. Review

Services Provided

The company has no list of services on the website. This means that you cannot check if your paper is in their list of services, unless you check on the free calculator or start ordering.

For the purpose of our Reviews, we checked the options this company has in terms of services. Generally, they offer a wide list of services, but the choice is a bit strange. Even though the company has some more specific, rarely assigned papers, they still lack some of the most commonly assigned ones.

We were not really happy with the services list. Look at it carefully to make sure that it includes all the papers you may need throughout your education. Otherwise, you may be looking for a new service soon.

Prices and Discounts

Prices at PaperCoach are very cheap, so cheap that it even concerns us. Starting at only $8 per page, this is a price that is unreasonably cheap. However, it is a pricelist that will get the attention of every student out there, since after all, students are often on a limited budget.

Still, even though we were happy to see the pricing, this opinion changed drastically when we noticed that the company offers no discounts whatsoever. Even though you cannot really expect to get a big discount on such a low price, the lack of it altogether can easily make students turn to other services. Basically, it’s a bad marketing strategy.

Quality of Ordered Essays

Our paper came at a very cheap price, which is something every student will be happy to hear. However, the quality of the paper was awful, which means that even this cheap price was not worth spending on a service.

The company confirmed our doubt – low prices always indicate bad content. This was also visible in papercoach reviews. After all, you cannot expect the best writers to work on your paper at a rate of $10 per page!

The paper we ordered contained so many errors, that it was obvious a non-native English writer wrote it. Not even a fluent one. Furthermore, it had no references, no formatting and on the top of it all, no title!

Customer Service

The company offers a modern contacting option – messenger. But, apparently, this option is only placed there, since the company did not bother to hire agents to answer on Messenger. Generally speaking, the only way to reach is via the live chat, since they do not even answer the phone. You can also request a call, but no one answered to our request in 2 days.

The live chat option is also very slow, which makes for a terrible customer service. We had to wait a lot to get an answer to our questions, and most of the time, the agent sent the wrong answer. It was obvious that they were previously written.

Conclusion is a legit service, but not one we would rate highly. From our evaluation, we learned that they have cheap prices, but terrible content. On top of it all, the customer service is basically unresponsive, which means you cannot turn to them if something is wrong with your paper.

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