7 Productivity Tools Every Student Must Use Right Now

7 Productivity Tools Every Student Must Use Right Now

Today’s educational system is highly influenced by technology. Students choose between traditional and online colleges, attend online courses and use the Web as one of their main sources of information. In addition, technology advances resulted in various tools and apps that can make positive impact on the students’ productivity.

With a variety of tools at hand, students no longer need to look for an excuse. If you want to improve your learning experience and fix the problems you have had so far, look at our list of the best tools:

1. Mind Genius

When you feel overwhelmed by the academic tasks, download this mind-mapping app and turn organization into a simplified process. Note taking is easier than ever and, while this tool comes at a cost, you can enjoy the free trial of 30 days before making the purchase.

2. Word Counter

Word Counter is a symbol-counting tool that will provide you with precise numbers when you need them. Apart from this, the online editor helps students improve the writing style, choose a more appropriate word flow and detect plagiarism and grammar mistakes throughout content.

3. Essay Services

The best productivity tools are sourced at the best college essay writing service reviews. When you get stuck with finishing your assignments within the set deadline and no tool can help you fix this, hiring a professional to do the job for you is the best investment you can make. An experienced writer knows all productivity tricks and tips and can finish your assignment within even the shortest deadline!

4. Writing House

The Writing House app is a free citation generator. After every challenging paper, the most exhausting part for a student is the bibliography. Writing this page is not very complex, but can present a real burden after you have spent hours on working on the paper.

For this reason, download Writing House and use it to submit a perfectly formatted paper within only minutes. The generator will automatically apply all citations according to the chosen format.

5. Zoho

Zoho helps student manage their academic presentations, organize large documents and enjoy a high level of flexibility. You can use the tool to import and export every document and focus on the remaining tasks without any distractions.

6. Scientific Research

The project of the Scientific Research tool is available in mobile version, which means that you can access the website at any time. The website provides students with open access to thousands of articles and journals. Listed by subject and title, this is the place where you can easily find reliable sources to use in your academic papers, as well as strengthen your education in a particular scientific field.

7. Wunderlist

Students often forget about important tasks due to the overwhelming academic obligations.

Available on every platform, the Wunderlist free version meets every need of a student. Do not miss any deadline, class or presentation and organize your time properly by using this tool’s quality to-do lists.

College life can be more pleasurable, even when you think that the amount of academic tasks will completely ruin your college experience. By using these apps, you can do more work in a shorter period of time, which will give you plenty of free time for the things you enjoy.

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